Standard After-Growth

Florentine Fleur de Cerise

Father: Incredible from Quindonmiertiek X Mother: Willeija Fleur de Cerise

We are happy about the first puppies of Florentine. On 28.01.2018 she got 5 boys and 4 girls. All endured the birth very good and enjoy in best health.


Sabrina Spieles and Us Proudly Present the New Male

Jiraiya Fleur de Cerise *13.03.2015

Father: Ricado Fleur de Cerise X Mother: Ballerina Fleur der Cerise

Ottilie's 2. Dog Show

On 26.11.2017 at the poodle exposition in Dillingen we presented our standard Ottilie to the public for a second time. Like in Frankfurt she convinced and showed herself ecellent. Just 10 months old Ottilie became the Best of Breed for the first time. Also Henriette started and won her class. She got her second SCA.

Florentine Says Goodbye

On 10.09.2017 we went to the exposition DPK-Winner in Frankfurt. There Florentine started in the chmpionclass. As usual she presented herself with her best side. Finaly she won her last SCA to be DPK-Siegerchampion. Moreover she became DPK-Winner. So she got all in her career and says goodbye of the dogshows.

Ottilie introduces herself

Our Youngest the standard female Ottilie had her premiere in Frankfurt. Playful and curious to new challenge she mastered her job. So Ottile was rewarded with her first title DPK Youngest Winner.

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